This document is copyrighted by OUTDUST SARL, organizer of the BEMBE AFRO-LATIN FESTIVAL 2018 - Any unauthorized usage is prohibited.

OUTDUST SARL, Its owner, its representatives and its events are referred to by the term “event” Attendees, DJs, Staff members, Promoters, Affiliates, Partners, Vendors, Performers, Artists and visitors of the event are referred to by the term “participant”.

Participants of the event are an independent entity and agree to the following policy, terms and conditions when attending or purchasing an event pass/ticket/package offer for the event. The event pass/ticket/package offers sales are final and Non-Refundable. This agreement determines the terms and conditions of the relationship between the event and every participant, where to the participant of the event provide either services, products or purchases the event pass/ticket/combination offers in exchange for their participation as attendee. This agreement is a legal document, which outlines the participant’s limitations on the participant’s right. When the participant purchases an event pass/ticket/package offer for him/her or on the behalf of members of a group, the following applies:

  • All sales are final and strictly non-refundable
  • Any change or modifications to an existing event pass/ticket/package offer purchased will result in a 25€ administration fee, no matter the surrounding circumstances
  • The event does not provide assistance in re-selling the participant’s event pass/ticket/combination offer.
  • All prices are quoted in Euros. Possibility for the Moroccan bank account holders to pay in MAD with a special convert rate of 1€ = 10MAD

This selling policy governs the sale of products between the event and the participant. The participant makes a commitment to read these conditions attentively before making an order on the site of the event By ordering on the site of the event, the participant gives his agreement to be submitted to the present conditions.

This selling policy governs all the transactions on the online pricelist of the company OUTDUST SARL. Every order made on the website implies the unconditional and final Participant’s acceptation of those conditions.

This present contract is a distance contract which has for object to define the rights and obligations of the Participant and OUTDUST SARL regarding the sale of OUTSUST SARL’s products, on internet, through the website, registered trademark and service of OUTDUST SARL.


The participant can buy one or several product(s) appearing on the website, he has to select every product which he desires to buy and to add it to his cart. When all the products desired are selected, he can confirm the contents of the cart and place the order.

At this stage, the participant will be redirected towards a page recapitulating the details of the selected products, as well as their prices. He will have to choose the method of payment which suits him best, and to click the button “make the reservation”.

The participant has 3 different options of method of payments: by VISA card, PayPal, or wire transfer. The charges are 2% in MAD and 3,25% in € for VISA card, 5% in PayPal, and 0% by wire transfer.

After placing the order, the participant must fill the information form of each person concerned by the purchase (for example, 6 forms to fill for a Golden pack of 6 persons).

When the forms completed and confirmed, the method of payment is to be selected. Once the payment made, a message of confirmation recapitulating all the informations will be sent to the participant.

The participant agrees to obtain the invoice of his purchases by email, upon request to the event at the email address

To make his purchase, the Participant choose his payment methode between those proposed by OUTDUST SARL, on the payment page.

In that case, the Participant account will be debited on the following day of the purchase

The mulit-canal payments are secured by the Centre Monétique Interbancaire (CMI) which offer a fully secured payment service.

The Participant confirms to OUTDUST SARL that he owns full authorisations to use and choose the payment method and the moment of the purchase.

In case of payment by card, the fraud payment use conditions apply between the Participant, the owner of the card, OUTDUST SARL and its bank in charge.

The data saved by the CNMI on the multi-canal payment for the account of OUTDUST SARL stand as a proof of the global commercial transactions made between the Participant and OUTDUST SARL.


All the prices are inclusive of all taxes (VAT and other applicable taxes) unless otherwise specified.

The event can’t bring more precision concerning availability of the products that what is indicated on the website. During the participant’s order treatment, the event will inform as soon as possible the participant if the product ordered turns out unavailable, by email, and will not charge for these products.


The event reserves the right to make changes of the website, procedures, terms and conditions, at any time. The participant is subjected to the terms and the conditions, the procedures and the current selling policy at the time of the purchase, unless a change in these terms and conditions, or the present selling policy is required by an administration or government authority (in this case, this modification can apply to the previous purchases).

If one of the conditions of the selling policy is considered not valid, or not applicable, for any reason, this condition will be considered divisible and will not affect the validity and the effectiveness of the remaining conditions.


If the participant breaks these Selling Policy and if the event takes no action, the event keeps the right to use its rights and legal actions in all other situations where the participant violates the selling policy.


The event doesn’t sell products to minors. If the participant is less than 16 years old, he can use the event website only under the supervision of a parent.

IDENTIFICATION is a trademark used by OUTDUST SARL. Our contact informations are the following:
OUTDUST SARL, Société à responsabilité limitée.
Adresse : 26, avenue Mers Sultan – Appt 3 – Casablanca – Maroc
S.A.R.L. au capital de 10.000,00 DH
R.C. : 386083 – I.F. : 24867964 – I.C.E. : 001949756000040 – Patente : 34172035

All Terms and Conditions contained in this document represent a Legal agreement between participants, Independent Entities, Third parties and the event, which supersedes any and other agreements, written or oral, relating to the event. Each participant, Independent Entity and Third Party associated to the event by virtue of their involvement promises to keep confidentiality of any practice, document, procedures, software, hardware, property used during the term of their professional relationship with the event. Any violation of any part of this legal document is ground for termination and Legal actions. Any changes to this document must be in writing, recorded, published and available for viewing.