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Make it simple! If you come in a group it’s good to know that you can save money, and even make profits, and if your group is big enough you would get some bonus out of it!

Two types of promoting are available:


He’s the biggest fan of social dance, jumping from festival to festival all around the world, sharing his promo-codes to all his contacts.

No time to take care of a group, but still want to make profits? This type of program is perfect for people who have a large amount of contacts around the globe.

The process is very simple, give your promo-code to your contacts, they will get a discount using it when purchasing their passes or packages (apply for a minimum of 10 people).


He’s the leader of the clan, motivating all his surroundings. Always well surrounded, he organizes groups to go all together to enjoy festivals. He’s a talented organizer, and is good with numbers.

This type of promotion requires more organization, but will bring more benefits, and is perfect for school owners, but not only.

As a group leader he will be responsible of any issue regarding inscriptions and payments of the members of the group, and also of any discount that he would propose to promote our festival.

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