Cuban Salsa

Salsa Cubaine : Reinaldo Salazar Guillen

Salazar GuillenCuba

Reynaldo Salazar Guillen, raised in Santiago de Cuba started dancing when he was only 8 years old, He finished Escuela de Instructores de Arte and Instituto Superior de Arte. He graduated as a licensed dancer, dance teacher and choreographer specialized in Popular Cuban Dances and Afro Cuban dances.

After studies he dedicated to pedagogy of dance – for children and adults. Reynaldo has been working as director of choreography for the Company ALL STARS - Santiago de Cuba, and created many spectacular performances, some of which danced on national carnival in his home town.

Together with ALL STARS, he won over the past few years, numerous national competitions. Under his command the company won first place each time enrolled in Evento Bailar Casino – Havana. The company had an opportunity to dance with well-known groups like Los Van Van Live, Maykel Blanco, Charanga Habanera on stage.

Since 2010, Reynaldo moved to Germany and is a main instructor in Wangen im Allgäu dance school, He is now well – known to European dance scene as MASTER OF RUEDA. Bembe 2018 invites you to try one of the Rueda classes with this talent.

Salsa Cubaine : Eneris Mulgado

CubaEneris MulgadoCubaCuba

Eneris was born in 1987 in Havana, Cuba, where, from the age of six, she was raised and studied to be a Professional Ballerina with a diploma from the Institute of Art. She has mastered Classical dance, tradition Latin dances and folklore (Salsa, Rumba, Afro Cuban, Reggaeton), Hip hop, Contemporary dance and many more styles.

Eneris Mulgado is considered one of the best female Cuban dancers in Europe and abroad. She has spent years dancing alongside Seo Fernandez and their team “Latin Black Energy” (with Seo Fernandez, Alessia Cornaccia, Eneris Mulgado, Edwar Ramos) in congresses around the world and in the school “Mama dance” founded by Alessia Cornacchia.

With her energy & elegance she will fulfill 2018 BEMBE line up.

Salsa Cubaine : Maykel Fonts Company

ItalieMaykel FontsItalie

A group of talented boys who were able to captivate and amaze a large audience around the world.

With the unique style of salsa inspired by Maykel Fonts, a style full of talent, daring, innovative and deep roots for Salsa, the FONTS COMPANY has managed to conquer many stages and festivals around the world and for the first time they are also coming to BEMBE!

Andrea Campana, Nicolo Laricchia & Patrizio Marinelli plan to take the Cuban salsa scene to the highest level on BEMBE 2018.

Salsa Cubaine : Millie Timbera

FranceMillie TimberaFranceFrance

Millie called « Timbera » is known for her professionalism, her passion, and teaching skills, which are the reasons of the success of her lessons. She is more than all appreciated for her unique style mixing energy, sensuality, and authenticity. She’s teaching since more than 16 years and created her association « Suena Timba » in Marseille, France.

She has danced with the greatest artists in the world and participated to many festivals, including BEMBE 1st edition, and will attend to this coming edition 2018.

Multifaceted dancer, her great mood and her simplicity will make our event a success.

Salsa Cubaine : Alexander Martinez

CubaAlexander MartinezCuba

Alexander is pure, Cubanía“!

He lived his remarkable professional career as an athlete of triple jumper. Besides sports, dancing lives inside him and in the Swiss Latino scene he is well known for acrobatics and animations.

In dance he mixes his Cuban roots with Hip-Hop, Breakdance and Reggaetón and animated the BEMBE 2017 audience down to the last.

He brings in a broad professional experience as a dancer and dance teacher, as well as event organizer, personal trainer and Zumba trainer.

He always connects healthy vitality from sports with dance and art.

Due to his spontaneous and uncomplicated personality, wherever he goes, he is a fan-magnet with wider networking in Switzerland and internationally.

Salsa Cubaine : Eguert Isasi

CubaEguert IsasiCubaCuba

Eguert Isasi graduated from the National School of Art (ENA) as a dancer of folk dances, modern and contemporary.

He joined the British art company Sadler's Wells that lead him to become a part of the biggest and most well-known Cuban Ballet Companies – Rakatan. In Rakatan Eguert mastered as a solo dancer.

After a while he moved to Finland where he enrolled as an instructor at Salsa Studio-tansikoulu.

Currently Eguert lives in Italy where, in the Herrera Company he gives his professional contribute as a dancer choreographer and teacher of various Cuban styles such as Cuban Rumba, Afro-Cuban dances, salsa, Reggaeton, salsafusion etc.

This year BEMBE will have a pleasure to invite you to try this young talent and together with us experience quality.