Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha

Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha : Juan Matos & Giada Cristofari

Dominican RepublicJuan MatosItalia
& Giada CristofariDominican Republic/Italia

Mr. Pachanga !

Growing up as a young boy in Santo Domingo, Juan Matos or better known as Juan “Pachanga” Matos had dreams of becoming a famous dancer. Leaning on the support and inspiration of his parents, Juan decided, in 1996, to set out on his own, landing on the tough streets of New York. He would work by day and dance by night, and although even at this time his dancing skills were quite impressive, it would be in 1997, when he was first introduced to the Mambo, that his dreams of dancing professionally began to become a reality.

Nevertheless, the hard work, dedication and passion for dancing the Mambo began to pay off.

In 1999, Juan Matos joined a group called the “Magic Combination Dancers,” and was later on with the Santo Rico Dance Company where he developed the Mambo style that would make him famous, not only in the New York Mambo scene, but in venues around the world. The style was called “Pachanga,” characterized by rapid foot movements and a smooth classic, style, and as Juan continued to perfect his innovative style, the dance the opportunities and invitations to instruct and perform internationally came rolling in.

Juan Matos now lives in Italy, and plans to go on sharing his incredible talent for many years to come.

We are happy to welcome this amazing talent in BEMBE 2018 where with his charming partner Giada he will share his knowledge with you!

At the age of 4, directed by her mom, former professional dancer, Giada Cristofari began her classical dance studies and started immediately to attest her skills, and it’s at the age of 13, during a dance congress, that she felt in love with salsa.

Since then, she studied and mastered many dances and styles like ballet, salsa, Mambo, NY, Cuban folklore, etc…and worked and performed already with many great artists like Mauro Rossi, Emanuela Catena, Valerio Perla, Gertrudys Iglesias, Graciela Chao Carbonero, Lilian Matos Torres and Indira Pacheco Santamaria.

She won with her previous partner Gabriele di Marzo many regional and national competitions, and became part of the official Portocubano Dance Company, which brought her to rapidly attend to famous congresses around the world.

Young talent with an amazing potential, Giada is now forming a duo with the superstar Juan Matos and we are more than happy to have this great couple performing in BEMBE 2018!

Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha : Tarek & Debbie

MoroccoTarek & DebbieItaliaMorocco/Italia

African Jet is "a Sprinkling of Africa" in a world of rhythms, sounds and Latin-American moves. Tarek and his brother Hicham discovered this amazing world and got addicted instantly, pushing them to study and work very hard to develop their talent for dancing.

After many great experiences with famous performers, Tarek and Hicham created the dance group African Jet, and gained notoriety very fast. In the last few years, their shows have been requested and performed at major events all over the world (Los Angeles, Mumbai, Moscow, Marrakech, Melbourne, Bangalore, Quebec, Paris, Milan, Ireland, etc…), and they also performed on many TV shows. Their style is fast, striking and exciting. Their imaginative choreography, careful attention to details and original costumes are one of the many assets that put African Jet on the highlight of the international scene. Based in Italy, they have opened a school and have 7 centers in 5 different cities.

Last year we had a chance to welcome Hicham, This year – we’re happy to welcome Tarek and his charming partner Debbie.

Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha : Jazzy & Iris

GuatemalaJazzy & IrisNorwayGuatemala/Norway

Jazzy Ruiz and Iris are both professional dancers graduated from the Norwegian College of Dance with a bachelor degree in Performing Arts and Pedagogy. They take their background from jazz, modern, ballet, break dance, hip-hop, Latin jazz, flamenco and other Latin dances such as salsa, cha-cha-cha, mambo, Afro-Cuban and show dance. In the year 2000 Jazzy started Norway’s biggest salsa and Latin dance school. Very popular dance instructors and performers in Norway, they travel together to many of the most prestigious festival worldwide.

Together they have choreographed and performed in many big Tv productions in Norway, Tv commercials, magazine, newspapers and TV programs in different countries. They value musicality, a strong technical base and an artistic expression that reflects their sharpness, elegance and versatility. Jazzy & Iris are one the most versatile couple worldwide having sensual fusion show as their own style mixing Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata Sensual Lyrical Jazz as well as hardcore Mambo performances stoning audiences wherever they perform. Look out for their shows full of energy, great technique and unique music interpretation, as well as their great pedagogy and didactic at theirs workshops.

Jazzy & Iris are looking forward to dance and have a great time with you at BEMBE!

Salsa Crossbody L.A / N.Y Chacha : Giovanny & Vaneska

VenezuelaGiovanny & VaneskaVenezuelaVenezuela

Giovanny Marques was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He has been for 9 years in the world of dance. From the early age his passion led him to try out different styles of salsa. With Puerto Rican salsa he participated in several competitions and festivals in Venezuela and Guatemala Salsa Fest in the categories: Shines solo, shines in group, couple and group. 

Vaneska Lopez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She has begun her 9 year old career with Cuban salsa obtaining several awards at national and international level. In the years 2010 and 2011 she participated in the Baila International Festival in Cuba. Her career continued by exploring the Puerto Rican salsa. 

Together they danced in Turkey for 2 years - representing Venezuela, and for more than 1 year they are based in Casablanca, Morocco. They are a young couple striving for new learnings and experiences.