This document is copyrighted by OUTDUST SARL, organizer of BEMBE AFRO-LATIN FESTIVAL 2018 - Any unauthorized usage is prohibited.

OUTDUST SARL, Its owner, its representatives and its events are referred to by the term “event” Attendees, DJs, Staff members, Promoters, Affiliates, Partners, Vendors, Performers, Artists and visitors of the event are referred to by the term “participant”.

Participants of the event are an independent entity and agree to the following policy, terms and conditions when attending or purchasing an event pass/ticket/package offer for the event. The event pass/ticket/package offers sales are final and Non-Refundable. This agreement determines the terms and conditions of the relationship between the event and every participant, where to the participant of the event provide either services, products or purchases the event pass/ticket/combination offers in exchange for their participation as attendee. This agreement is a legal document, which outlines the participant’s limitations on the participant’s right. When the participant purchases an event pass/ticket/package offer for him/her or on the behalf of members of a group, the following applies:

  • All sales are final and strictly non-refundable
  • Any change or modifications to an existing event pass/ticket/package offer purchased will result in a 25€ administration fee, no matter the surrounding circumstances
  • The event does not provide assistance in re-selling the participant’s event pass/ticket/combination offer.
  • All prices are quoted in Euros. Possibility for the Moroccan bank account holders to pay in MAD with a special convert rate of 1€ = 10MAD


Payments are handled through our website www.bembefestival.com via transfer, Visa card payment and PayPal.com. Paypal.com is an independent entity and have separate terms and conditions. Every transaction made using PayPal.com automatically puts the participant’s in agreement with PayPal.com applicable terms and conditions. By ordering through the Internet participant will have to fill completely the event’s registration form, implying that he read and accept our Policy, terms and conditions. In case of group registration, each participant form will be filled, implying that each participant in the group read and accepted our terms and conditions. Participants will receive a confirmation of registration via e-mail.


The event’s Hotels/Venues are independent entities and only share a limited relationship with OUTDUST SARL, whereas each selected Hotel/Venue only provides services and/or products to participants of the event based on each Hotel/Venue role at the event. Hotel room and apartments reservations are controlled by our selected Hotel/Venue partners and travel agency partners. Event decline any responsibility of any kind regarding the deals between Participant and Hotels and travel agencies partners. Hotel/Venue may have cancelation fees and additional fees for services provided directly to participants. When the participant purchases a room or apartment, the participant agrees to the Hotel/Venue of the chosen package policy, terms and conditions. It is the participant’s responsibility to be familiar with the Hotel/Venue policy, terms and conditions by visiting the Hotel/Venue’s website. The Hotel/Venue website is provided on the www.bembefestival.com


Participant should contact the hotel of their purchase directly or through the travel agency partner to get shuttle fairs. Event will not provide any shuttle.


Event’s affiliates are independent entities and only share a limited relationship with the event. Event affiliates exclusively provide alternate purchase options to their referrals. Each event affiliate is only authorized to advertise his/her assigned sale options. Packages, passes, or tickets purchased through the Official Organizers website (www.bembefestival.com) and /or through our authorized official promoters or affiliates or through the ticket sale desks at the official venue during the festival are considered valid. Affiliates agree with our BEMBE AFRO-LATIN FESTIVAL AGADIR 2018 Promoter’s Terms and conditions, including their commissions and date of payment.


Vendors/Exhibitors at the event are independent entities and only share a limited relationship with the event. Vendors/Exhibitors at the event only provide services and/or products to participants of the event. Vendors/Exhibitors must carry enough insurance to conduct their business and not hold the event, its representative, its business partners, the hotel/venue and its guest liable for any claim, damages, illness, injury or loss. The event will announce each confirmed Vendor as an official participant. The duration of this agreement between the event and each Vendor starts upon acceptance of a signed agreement and ends upon completion of the agreed event.


Event sponsors are independent entities and only share a limited relationship with the event. Event sponsors only provide monetary, services or products support to the event. The event will announce each confirmed sponsor as an official sponsor in the upcoming event. The duration of this agreement between the event and each the sponsor starts upon acceptance of the agreement and ends upon completion of the agreed event.


Event volunteers are independent entities and only share a limited relationship with the event. Event volunteers only provide assistance to participants of the event based on each volunteer assigned role. The event provides full time and part-time opportunities to volunteers in exchange for services, which varies from set-up, tear-down, front desk clerk, floor staff, and drivers. Drivers must possess a valid license and show proof of insurance. The event is not liable of any claim against the event of any kind as a result of the volunteer’s participation at the event. Volunteers must have a signed agreement on file.


There a variety of wristbands colors denoting different Event Passes and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the safety of the wrist band. In case of loss of wrist band the organizers cannot be held responsible if entry to the venue is denied. So please keep your wristbands secure. If your wrist bands are worn out you may request a replacement band at the ticket sale desk after verification of details, for a 50€ (500 MAD) fee to pay on the spot.


Performers, Artists and DJs at the event are independent entities and only share a limited relationship with the event. Performers, Artists and DJs only provide entertainment services to participants of the event based on each Performers, Artists and DJs assigned role. Performers, Artists and DJs must read carefully their individual contract/Letter of Agreement to avoid misunderstandings or surprises. Performers, Artists and DJs are allowed to share any material used by event. The only authorized modification of the event promotional materials is to add the Volunteer’s name. The event will announce each confirmed Performers, Artists and DJs as an official participant in the upcoming event. The duration of this agreement between the event and each the Performers, Artists and DJs starts upon acceptance of the agreement and ends upon completion of the event.


The event is not liable of any act outside its control such as Act of God, war, terrorist act, government regulation, riots, disaster, strikes, fire, collision, directions of underwriters, arrest, weather conditions, any of which makes hosting the event impossible. If any outdoor venue areas are affected due to inclement weather conditions at the BEMBE AFRO-LATIN FESTIVAL 2018, the event have the right to change venue areas or close off a particular party area without liability from any person nor will entertain any kind of compensation claims for such circumstances.


The event reserves the rights to entry and admission and may refuse admission to participants in case of violation of general admission criteria. The event will appoint Door Security at the venue for the safety and wellbeing of all guests and will empower such appointed personnel with the rights to check personal bags and belongings for any dangerous items, weapons or substances which are banned by law in the Kingdom of Morocco and / or outside food and drinks brought into the Official venue areas


Participants, at the event who engage in a transaction with any independent entity at the event agree to that independent entity’s terms and conditions. The event is not liable in any shape or form of any practices, behaviors, promises, transactions, policies or actions outside of what is mentioned in this document between Participants and any independent entity at the event. All business inquiries about any independent entity should be addressed directly to the independent entity. Each Participants and independent entity must carry their individual insurances and shall not hold the event liable for any damage, death, illnesses, medical expenses, health issues, injuries, personal losses, expenses, cost, emotional distress, mental suffering/anguish or psychological injury of any kind under any circumstances, damages caused by other participants, independent entity or third parties before, during or after the event. The event website hyperlinks provided in this document are subject to changes without notice. The event is not liable for any accident, arrest, criminal activities, traffic violation, infractions or misconducts which occur before, during or after the event. The event is not liable for any change, cancelation, delay, and replacement, forfeiture from any Artist, Performer, DJ, Staff Member, Volunteer, Vendor or Sponsor due to contract termination or other uncontrollable circumstances.


The event has separate agreements with each participant and Independent entity and shall not be liable for any independent entity cancelation at the event. In the case the event cancels the event for reasons other than force majeure, reimbursement in full of all payments made to the event will be honored. However, the event is not liable of reimbursing payment made to third parties supporting the event. The event reserves the right to replace any Artist, Performer, DJ, Staff member, Volunteer and vendor as a result of a cancelation. Event reserves the right to change times, dates, locations, instructors, artists, workshops, program, shows, concerts, of the INTERNATIONAL AFRO-LATIN FESTIVAL AGADIR 2017 event. Passes, packages or tickets are valid as is and no refund will be allowed owing to such circumstances


The event strongly recommends that all participants traveling into Morocco to have a valid passport and to fulfill all the requirements given by the Moroccan law regarding foreigners entering in Morocco. The event is not responsible for handling any Participant’s Passport or Legal documentation issues related to the event. Letters of invitation and other pre-requisites must be requested and finalized no later than 60 days from the event. It is the participant's responsibility to start, follow and complete his/her visa request through the Moroccan Embassy or Consulate in their respective country of residence.


Participants acknowledge that the data electronically published will be processed by the event for the purpose of the contract. They also agree that in future they would like to receive information e -mails from the event. Participants provide personal information voluntarily for the purposes of processing orders and marketing, and can recall the agreement for information mails at any time. Event site’s registration system requires participants to give contact information such as name, e-mail address, demographic information such as a ZIP code, sex and some more festival specific information. Participant’s contact information will be used for the event to contact the visitor when necessary and inform him/her about festival activities. Festival specific informations are used in order to give to the participant the best possible experience.


Filming, audio recording or photography are authorized throughout the event and may be licensed, owned, copy written or distributed worldwide by the event, the event’s affiliates, promoters and participants. Participants at the event hereby allow, waive and authorize the right to use any filming, audio recording, photography, promotion, advertisement and other materials related to the event. No monetary compensation whatsoever is to be expected or implied with the use of any filming, recording or photography throughout the duration of the event. Taking photos or videos during the workshops is not allowed without the permission of the festival organizers and artists


Alcoholic Beverages will be sold at the event by the Official Hotel and Venue provider on a cash only basis. ID proof may be required to adhere to the Alcohol Licensing Laws within the Kingdom of Morocco to comply with the responsible service of alcohol to guests.
Amadil Pack holders have access to unlimited alcohol only inside their respective establishment as mention in the hotel/venue terms and conditions, and can’t expect to have free access to alcohol in other places of the event outside the establishment.


The event has no tolerance for Alcohol, Drugs or Substance abuse. Any possession, purchase, sale, exchange or distribution of Alcohol, Drugs, Illegal Substances and Controlled Substances is prohibited throughout the event. Alcohol beverages are only authorized for consumption as per Federal, State Laws and the event’s selected Hotel/Venue.


Unless you are a registered event vendor or sponsor, no vending of any product or service is authorized throughout the event. Details on the event vendor and sponsorship programs are available upon request. Violators caught with unauthorized merchandise or sale of services will be seized and legal action will be taken. This policy will be strictly enforced.


Participants agree to be responsible of keeping a record of their Event Passes, Tickets, products and services, purchases, documents related to the participant’s involvement in the event. All personal belongings must be kept secured.


The participant, once his account created on the website www.bembefestival.com, is responsible for the preservation of the confidentiality of this one and for his password, for access restrictions in his computer and other equipments, and within the limits of what is authorized by the applicable law, he agrees to be responsible for all the activities which were since led by his account or with its password. He takes all the necessary measures to make sure that his password remains confidential and secure, and has to inform immediately the event if it has reasons for believing that his password is known of somebody else, or if the password is used or susceptible to be used in an unauthorized way. The participant is responsible for the validity and for the character complete of the information which he supplied, and has to inform about any change concerning this information. He can reach his information and modify them, as well as the parameters of account, in the space “Your account” of the website. The participant makes a commitment to use his account in the following way: (1) in a way which would cause, or either would may cause an interruption, a damage, or a change of a Service of the event, or (2) in a fraudulent purpose, or in connection with a crime or an illegal activity, or (3) in the purpose to cause disorders, nuisances or causes of anxieties.
The event reserves the right to refuse the access, to close an account, to remove or to publish some contents if the participant is in violation of the applicable laws, these Conditions of use or all other terms, the conditions, guiding or political line of the event.


Except when prohibited by Moroccan laws, participants agree to the following: (1) disputes and claims arising out of or connected with the event shall be handled and resolved separately, by each party involved or by appropriate Moroccan court and not any other Country; (2) prevailing parties shall recover attorneys’ fees and all litigations cost and expenses, charges and costs incurred, including pre-and post-litigation fee related to collection and judgment enforcement efforts; (3) parties consent to exerciser agreement between the parties, superseding all prior proposals, negotiations, representation and other communications, whether oral or written; (4) this agreement may be amended ONLY in writing. Participants agree to bring forth any claims against the event within thirty (30) days after the event ends and to file within one (1) year of the incident. Participants at the event and visitors of www.bembefestival.com, and OUTDUST’s internet presence agree to trademark and exclusive property rights of any and all information contained in it. All procedures, practices, documents, policies, digital and physical material owned, produced or distributed by the event is subject to change at any time without notice and may have errors. Any party involved in sharing, releasing, distributing, possessing, selling, exchanging, promoting, advertising, presenting products or services related or belonging to the event assumes full responsibility of any resulting effect.